Responding to the Joe Biden Presidency: ‘Souls Are on the Line’

Feb 3, 2021 | National Catholic Register

Catholic author and commentator Mary Eberstadt recently made a direct public appeal to President Joe Biden ahead of the March for Life, appealing for him to make an appearance at the event.

In the essay, which was published by Newsweek, Eberstadt advised the pro-abortion-rights president that an appearance at the pro-life march would be a way to put his inaugural speech’s promise to seek unity “into action with a gesture that could reassure one group of people you singled out: Americans who did not vote for you.”

Not unexpectedly, President Biden completely disregarded Eberstadt’s eloquent appeal for a unifying appearance at the March for Life. Instead, the president, who is Catholic, manifested his continuing support for the abortion lobby by announcing his repeal of the pro-life Mexico City Policy that bans taxpayer funding of overseas abortions on Jan. 28, one day before the March for Life took place.

Speaking with the Register by email, Eberstadt — who on Feb. 2 was named as the inaugural holder of the Panula Chair in Christian Culture at the Catholic Information Center in Washington, D.C. — elaborated on why she wrote her Newsweek opinion piece…

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