Adam and Eve After the Pill, Revisited

The book’s predecessor, Adam and Eve after the Pill (2012), dissected the revolution’s microcosmic fallout via its empirical effects on the lives of men, women, and children. This follow-on book investigates the revolution’s macrocosmic transformations in three spheres: society, politics, and Christianity. It also includes an analysis of the recent U.S. Supreme Court decision that overturned Roe v. Wade.

With unflinching logic, Eberstadt summarizes the toll on Western society of today’s fractured homes, feral children, and social isolates. Empathetic yet precise, she connects the dots between shrinking, broken families and rising sexual confusion, seen most recently in transgenderism and related phenomena. The book also traces the dissolution of the home to signature developments in Western politics, especially the increase in acrimony, polarization, street violence, and identity politics. The result is an indictment of the turn taken by much of the world following the post-1960s embrace of contraception and the stigmatization of traditional morality.

The book’s section on the revolution’s infiltration of the churches is must-reading for anyone concerned about the fate of Western Christianity. In a moment when millions wonder whether the Catholic Church will retreat from age-old moral teachings, this book demands to be put at the center of discussion.

Adam and Eve after the Pill, Revisited is both an indispensable blueprint for today’s emerging revisionism, and a manifesto for a more humane order to come.


“Mary Eberstadt is our most astute commentator on the vast human costs of the sexual revolution. Adam and Eve After the Pill, Revisited is essential reading for anyone who wants to navigate out of the wreckage of our present age.”

– R. R. Reno –


“Adam and Eve After the Pill Revisited is a profound series of reflections on the carnage that the sexual revolution has wrought. It’s a wake-up call to everyone—particularly the Church—to be bold in our witness to the truth about human sexuality, as there are human costs to getting human nature wrong.”

– Ryan Anderson, Ph. D. –

This brilliant and courageous book offers both a surgically precise dissection of the social, cultural, religious, and political effects of the sexual revolution and a powerful plea for a compassionate Christian response to the wreckage the revolution has wrought. Anyone who cares about the human future should read, mark, inwardly digest—and then act upon—Mary Eberstadt’s summons to a nobler conception of our nature and destiny.”

George Weigel, Author, The Fragility of Order and The Next Pope


“As applied to this book, the words ‘bracing’ and ‘unafraid’ are massive understatements—especially in this moment when reason itself has lost so many friends, and politics, cultural and intellectual trends insist that family disintegration is not the crisis it most certainly is. In her literate, passionate, hard-hitting book, chock full of empirical and theological erudition, Mary Eberstadt sets up the debate we so badly need in the United States.”

Helen Alvaré, Robert A. Levy Professor of Law & Liberty, Antonin Scalia Law School, George Mason University

Mary Eberstadt color portrait
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