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The Next American Awakening Starts Here

Some people say that there has never been a harder time in the United States to be Catholic. One can understand why. Public approval weighs against us: today, a furious secularism repudiates ancient Christian teachings about marriage and family, even as rebellion...

Midge the Magnificent

I first met Midge Decter during the mid-1980s through neoconservative publishing circles in New York, a world as distant from today's as it was, in turn, from the time of the Second World War. Though no one back then knew it, those years would turn out to be the...

Children of the Porn

If pandemic exhaustion, galloping inflation, and talk of World War III haven’t yet gotten you down, Rethinking Sex: A Provocation might do the trick. This is not the fault of author Christine Emba, whose prose in this short book is stylish, engaging, and, above all,...

More, Fisher – and More

On the feast of St. Thomas Becket, it’s fitting to recall just how exacting the clash between religious faith and earthly powers can be. Some ages, like his, create martyrs. Our own age more often bullies people out of martyrdom pre-emptively, as secular intimidation...

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Why More People Favor Socialism and What to Do

Eberstadt said that it’s now been generations that a certain kind of anti-Americanism has been dominant, especially on university and college campuses. “What young people need to understand is that there are deep reasons why they’re being fed that narrative. They are...

“Truth may be unwanted, inconvenient, resented, mocked in all the best places—even harassed, suppressed, and forced underground. But that does not make it anything other than truth.”

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Primal Screams: How the Sexual Revolution Created Identity Politics

A bitter divisiveness afflicts America. The rancor of news pundits, the incivility of social media, and the storm of opposition to free speech on college campuses are symptoms of a fraying social fabric. Explanations of this discord have been offered from many quarters, but have failed to get at its roots. With Primal Screams, Mary Eberstadt does just that. With impeccable logic and evidence from many fields, she argues that the rise of identity politics is a direct result of the collapse of family and community.

Her logic—backed by startling new data—runs as follows: humans from time immemorial have forged their identities within elemental structures of kinship. Today, following decades of social shocks like family shrinkage and widespread breakdown, generations of people have been deprived of the building blocks of identity itself. This dispossession, argues Eberstadt, propels the increasingly frantic flight to membership in identitarian groups. The seemingly constant fury is, in fact, a primal scream for the familial root system of which many have been deprived.

Praise for Primal Screams

“Mary Eberstadt proves, yet again, that she is one of America’s most insightful — as well as compassionate — analysts.”

George Weigel, Ethics and Public Policy Center

“Mary Eberstadt offers a powerfully persuasive guide to why we are beset by these challenges, and how to take them on.”

Yuval Levin, editor of National Affairs

“It is scarcely a foregone conclusion that our society will return to sanity on questions of sexual morality and marriage. But if we do, then prophets like Mary Eberstadt will be celebrated in song and story.”

Robert P. George, McCormick Professor of Jurisprudence, Princeton University

Primal Screams is a deeply thought-provoking reflection on human nature and the fate of our republic.”

Mary Ann Glendon, Professor of Law, Harvard University

“Sympathetic and persuasive.”

R.R. RenoFirst Things

Primal Screams is and should be controversial. It is also quite brilliant.”

David Marcus,  The Federalist

“I can’t recommend Eberstadt’s books on these matters enough.”

Michael Brendan Dougherty, National Review

Other Books

How the West Really Lost God

“Strikes far deeper into reality than any rival argument in the field.”Michael Novak

Adam and Eve After the Pill

“Brilliant, serious work of the kind we’ve needed for decades.”Joseph Bottum

The Last Homily

“I hope [this book] will be a means of grace for people who did not know Fr. Arne personally and a fond reminder of his spiritual legacy for those of us who did”Leonard A. Leo

The Loser Letters

“…[C.S.] Lewis now has a rival: The Loser Letters, by Mary Eberstadt…this is witty and wicked satire.”Scot McKnight

It’s Dangerous to Believe

“A powerful new manifesto.”Robert P. George

“A tour de force, essential reading.”Jonathan Last, The Weekly Standard

Home Alone America

Home-Alone America

“Home-Alone America is a fine first salvo in what may be a changed war.”Kelly Jane Torrance, Washington Times

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